IBJJF certified 3rd Degree Black Belt

As of 2018 we now have 30 World Titles out of our academy!

Chris began his training in the martial arts in 1985. He first trained in the art of Wing Chun Do Gung Fu. He trained and became a certified instructor under the legendary James W. DeMile, one of Bruce Lee’s original students from Seattle, Washington.

Chris then began studying Jiu Jitsu and became a member of the United States Sport Jiu Jitsu Team, Team USA of the USSJA and ISJJA organizations. He was on the 1995 and 1996 teams and in 1996 won the gold with the team as well as in the individual division.

In 1997, he fought for the World Middleweight Full Contact (MMA) title and brought home the belt. Chris then met Saulo and Xande Ribeiro and trained extensively with them. In fact Saulo and/or Xande lived with Chris in Toledo for six years. 


Produced 2 World Titles!

Our BJJ Team competed in Brazil, California, New York, Toronto, Chicago as well as Ohio and Michigan – we won World and Pan American Championships!


Produced 3 World Titles!


Promoted to National Director for the RJJA . Assisted in the training of the Navy SEALS in San Diego, CA and Norfolk, VA


Black Belt Sr 3 – Gold medal – middleweight division at the BJJ Pan American Games – ibjjf.org.

Instructor of the year – Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu

Assocation Other Ranks and titles:

Wing Chun Do Gung Fu – Black Belt – Certified Instructor – wingchundo.com

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Black Belt – 3rd degree

American Combat Jiu Jitsu – Instructor

Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor – State of Ohio

Close Quarter Personal Control – Instructor

Former Full Contact World Champion – ISJJA


1st Degree Black Belt

Juan has placed 3rd in the Ibjjf World Championships and has been training BJJ for over 10 years! He is Chris Blanke’s first student to go from White Belt to Black Belt and has trained and coached BJJ World Champions out of our Toledo Academy!